golden turtle
Sergey Donskoy
Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
The GOLDEN TURTLE Festival is one of the largest educational projects in the field of ecology, implemented in Russia. This year visitors will be able to take part in interactive quests and lectures devoted to nature preservation, with a lot of events created especially for children. It is very important to teach them responsibility towards environment. This is one of the strategic goals set by the Ministry of Natural Resources for all of its partners.
Svetlana Zhurova
Olympic Champion, State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
I am glad that for over 10 years such a large environmental and educational project has been growing and developing in Russia. It has gained international fame, and the best photographers, animal artists and designers from around the world are happy to take part in it. The GOLDEN TURTLE is supported by the largest industry organizations, held within the framework of the Decade of Biodiversity Conservation declared by the UN, and is included in the program of the Year of Ecology in Russia. This is a perfect example of international cooperation and teamwork of people interested in changing the world around us for the better. I am impressed by the format chosen by the organizers this year – an interactive wildlife festival. I am sure that the GOLDEN TURTLE will attract even more supporters this year. It is necessary to increase awareness about competent and careful interaction with the environment in the society in general and youth in particular. And the GOLDEN TURTLE has a great potential to influence young audiences and to create a sense of responsibility for preserving the world of nature for the sake of our future generations.
Olga Sviblova
Founder and Director of the Moscow House of Photography and the Moscow International Photo biennale
Last year, the GOLDEN TURTLE Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is not easy to start a tradition, and it is even more difficult to keep it going for many years. The Festival, showcasing the best photos of nature and animals, received the deserved love of the public – from both adults and children. Presented artwork brings joy, touches one’s heart, inspires and makes you think that the life of human civilization is impossible without treating the surrounding nature and the animal world carefully. Nature is our main treasure, and the GOLDEN TURTLE Festival makes an important contribution to ensuring that each of us takes care of the wildlife.
Anton Belyaev
Musician, composer, producer, frontman for “Therr Maitz”
We often cooperate with charitable foundations and try to help people developing a culture of philanthropy in our country. Recently, I even initiated my own charitable project: I wrote a lullaby, all the proceesds from the sale of which will be sent to help orphans. I believe that it is very important to support charity initiatives, such as the GOLDEN TURTLE Festival. They draw people's attention to important issues, and every visitor can make their own contribution to a bigger cause – helping children cope with serious illnesses.
Olga Shelest
TV host
It's great that the GOLDEN TURTLE Festival brings together amateurs and professionals concerned about the preservation of the ecosystem in our country and around the world. Supporters of humane attitude to nature should grow in numbers. What we are doing with the planet is inexcusable, and it is time to start thinking about it. I became more involved in the eco-movement as soon as I had children. They must be given an opportunity to see all the beauty of our planet with their own eyes, and we are obliged to preserve it for them. Let's start working on it today!